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About Us

EAX (Expert Advisory & Xperential Group) is a global investment network founded in Singapore. Established since 2013, the company has evolved from a local investment firm to one with global vision and international presence, helping high net worth individuals achieve their financial aspirations through combinations of investment consulting, financial analysis and portfolio management for real estate based assets.

At EAX, we believe the future of global real estate lies in understanding the property investment cycle in order to leverage on the best returns for our network of investors.

Amidst the volatility of the property market, EAX strives to uncover hidden opportunities through our years of extensive research of the market. The team is proud to feature projects from the United Kingdom, Australia and Southeast Asian nations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Our extensive network of international investors enables us to match investors of different calibre and economic backgrounds to leverage on each other’s strength and contacts. We strongly believe that there is strength in numbers, which is why our network gives us a competitive advantage in terms of purchasing power.

Go International with EAX

Real estate investment can be a complex process. It goes beyond the act of buying and selling properties and touches on day-to-day management, maintenance and upkeep in order to ensure the property remains in pristine condition for maximum returns. This is especially true when investors are setting their eyes on the international market.

In between the initial capital investment and subsequent resale, international landlords need to deal with the complexities of managing their assets. For many international landlords this long-term management aspect, when extrapolated on an international scale, can turn investors away from potentially great real estate offers.

As part of our lifetime end-to-end proposition, our team of experts and our preferred partners will make the day- to-day management of properties as straightforward as possible whilst achieving leading rental yields to strengthen your overall returns.

Together with our partners, we combine depth of expertise and experience with the wide range of services that can greatly simplify your life as an overseas property investor.

End-To-End Property Investment Consultancy Flow

EAX provides long-term end-to-end proposition to our clients that is delivered by our team of experienced real estate and investment professionals globally to deal with the complexities and complications in the world of property investment.

  1. Risk / Affordability Assessment
  2. Property Prospecting / Negotiation with Developer or Seller
  3. Financing / Mortgage Consulting
  4. Execution of Deal
  5. Value Enhancement Strategies Implementation / Renovation
  6. Letting & Management
  7. Tax Consulting Investment
  8. Exit / Resale

Our Vision

To be Southeast Asia’s largest property investment network managing an international property portfolio

Our Mission

To provide “End-to-End” strategies in managing and capitalizing on international property investments for our network of real estate investors to achieve sustainable lifetime passive wealth

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About Our Team

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